How To Choose The Right Food For Your Dog

  • Post published:October 18, 2021
  • Post category:Dog Care

If you have recently become a dog parent, you need to know their unique food needs. One of the best ways to look after your pet is to make sure it has a good diet, and while dogs can have some human foods, special dog food is best. However, every dog is different, so there are several factors you must take into account when choosing your dog food.

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right food for your dog

1. Your dog’s breed size

Different dog breeds naturally have different requirements; some of this comes down to the dog’s size. A smaller breed might not be able to eat bigger portions and would benefit from bite-sized pieces.
Bigger breeds, however, will require more protein to support their vulnerable joints, and meat-based dog food often contains glucosamine for this purpose. Large dogs also typically need fewer calories than smaller dogs owing to their slower metabolisms – giving large dogs more because of their size could cause weight issues.

2. Your dog’s age

Even if your dog is new to you, it’s possible that they are not a newborn. The dietary needs of an older dog are different to those of a younger dog, so the former will again need more protein to stay healthy. Many brands offer special ‘senior formulas’ for older dogs, but any type of dog food with high-quality protein should be able to do the job and keep them in shape.
On the other hand, younger dogs require special puppy food that gives them all the nutrients they need to grow; adult dog food is not formulated to match the pace of a growing dog. Puppies grow up to 20 times faster than adult dogs, so they need all the help they can get with this.

3. Your dog’s preference

There are multiple options for the actual type of food, and it has to be something that they like. If they don’t take to it, you might not be able to guarantee they get all the nutrition they require at any age or size. Usually, you can choose between dry food such as biscuits or kibble, wet food with gravy and jelly, or raw meat – but they should always have a regular and healthy amount of meat.
Some veterinarians recommend rotating your dog’s diet every few months, as your pet can eventually tire of a certain food. This generally means switching the company you buy from, but always make sure that every purchase is meeting the needs of your pet.

Your dog always deserves the best food, and that is something they can enjoy and reap benefits from. This can take the form of tinned meat, biscuits, or both, so long as you understand your dog’s needs. For more information on dog food, or to book an appointment at the Blue and White Veterinary Clinic, feel free to contact us today.