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Established in 2001 in the Mid North Coast, Blue & White Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing quality pet care for dogs, cats, pocket pets and reptiles.


We believe that when we adopt a pet, it’s our responsibility to help them lead full, happy and healthy lives as a special part of our family. That’s our mission at Blue & White Veterinary Clinic.


As proud animal enthusiasts, our vets provide an extensive range of treatments and surgical options to help manage your pet’s health and wellbeing.


Open 6 days a week at Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga, and 5 days a week in Nambucca Heads, our clinics offer after-hours veterinary care for pet emergencies. Get in touch with us today!


Protect your pet against unwanted pregnancies and developing certain types of tumours, cancers, diseases and infections.
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Puppy Preschool

Kickstart your puppy’s obedience training at our puppy preschool. We’ll help teach them basic commands including sit, stay, heel, come and drop.
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Senior Pets

Our primary goal for senior pet care is to help improve their quality of life and manage painful conditions, such as arthritis.
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Animal Hospital

We’ve fitted both vet clinics with state-of-the-art technology & equipment for simple to complex surgical procedures
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Pet Food

Depending on your pets requirements, choose from our extensive range of pet food from a number of industry-leading brands.
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General Veterinary Services

Pet Desexing

Desexing is a straightforward operation but most pets need around two weeks to recover. This is the case for both genders and for both cats and dogs. You can often use your pet insurance to cover the cost of the procedure, but you need to check the specific terms of your policy. The procedure is safe and won’t change your much-loved pet’s personality but can help to tackle some unwanted behaviours such as aggression in male dogs or yowling in female cats.


Microchipping your cat or dog is a smart way to keep them safe. Once it’s done chips can last for decades so you have peace of mind throughout your pet’s life. Pet insurance can often pay for the cost of microchipping but check with your insurance provider. Microchipping is a quick procedure that doesn’t cause pain to your pet – there should be no more pain than a standard vaccination.

Flea/pest Control & Treatment

Fleas are irritating for you and your pet but they can sometimes lead to more serious complications in dogs. Both cats and dogs can also be allergic to fleas. Effective control and treatment help to protect your pet. Flea and pest treatment options for dogs include oral sprays, collars, and topical treatments. For cats, choices for treatment include oral collars, shampoos, and topical treatments. Many treatments are effective within 24 hours.

Pet Grooming

Professional grooming provides pets with numerous health benefits. This helps to ventilate their coats and remove old hair, as well as cut long nails that might be painful for the animal. Groomers can also help by identifying signs of ear infections or other health issues. With the use of specialist tools and products, grooming leaves your pet clean and more comfortable. Dog rooming can take over two hours, depending on the size and condition of the pet.

Quality Pet Food

Your pet’s health might affect the type of diet they should follow. Choosing food that’s tailored to their health needs can improve their wellbeing. Specialist cat and dog food is available for a variety of conditions, including allergies, digestive care, dental care, and weight management. The nutrition that cats and dogs need changes throughout their lifetime, so you can also boost their health with specially formulated food for puppies, kittens, and elderly pets.

Veterinarian FAQs

At Blue & White Veterinary Clinic, we stock nutritious pet food from leading brands including Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet for dogs and cats. For stock specifics, please call ahead.

Definitely. Our knowledgeable veterinarians treat pocket pets such as guinea pigs as well as cats, dogs and reptiles. Call your local clinic to book your consultation today!

Desexing your pet prevents unwanted pregnancies and can reduce the risk of developing certain types of tumours, cancers and infections. Call our experts for further information when it comes to desexing your pet.

Desexing your pet may reduce their aggression and help make them more relaxed, focused and happy. Not only that, your pet’s metabolism may slow down but weight gain can be avoided by ensuring adequate exercise and a controlled, healthy diet.

As pet owners, we’re responsible for the health and wellbeing of our dogs or cats. Vaccinations stimulate our pet’s antibodies to fight disease.

Although it’s not illegal to not vaccinate your pet, we highly recommend you do.

Some diseases aren’t just fatal to your pets but can risk infecting humans too. Help protect your pet and family against preventable diseases and infections by getting your dog or cat vaccinated.

We offer emergency veterinary care to help pets needing urgent medical attention. The team is trained to manage emergency cases, providing swift and effective care during critical moments. For urgent assistance outside of regular hours, contact the clinic’s emergency line for support. The health and safety of pets are a priority and the goal is to provide comprehensive care during emergencies.

Our veterinary clinic is capable of performing a variety of surgical procedures. This can include routine surgeries like spaying and neutering and more advanced orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries. We also perform dental surgeries, such as extractions and other oral health procedures. Each surgery is carefully planned, prioritising your pet’s safety and recovery, utilising our facilities and monitoring equipment.

Preparing your pet for a vet visit is key to a smooth, stress-free experience. Begin by familiarising your pet with its carrier. Keep the carrier open and place treats or toys inside to foster positive associations. Handling your pet’s ears, paws and mouth at home can help them become accustomed to being examined. Depending on the appointment type, it may be helpful to withhold food for a few hours, following your vet’s instructions. Bringing a familiar toy or blanket might also provide comfort during the visit. Stay calm, as pets tend to mirror their owners’ emotions and your calmness may help them feel more at ease.

Regular check-ups are essential for your pet’s well-being. Generally, bringing your pet for a check-up is recommended once a year. However, the frequency may vary based on your pet’s age, breed and health condition. Puppies and kittens often require more frequent visits for vaccinations and growth monitoring. Older pets or those with chronic conditions might also need more frequent evaluations. Regular visits allow for early detection of potential health issues, helping ensure your pet remain healthy and active.

Regular check-ups play a significant role in maintaining your pet’s well-being. Generally, bringing your pet in for an annual check-up is considered beneficial. However, the optimal frequency may vary depending on your pet’s age, breed and overall health condition. Puppies and kittens often require more frequent visits for vaccinations and monitoring their growth, while older pets or those with chronic conditions may need evaluations more regularly. Routine visits help with the early detection of potential health issues, which is crucial for keeping your pet healthy and active.