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Why Blue & White Veterinary Clinic?

Why choose the friendly team at Blue & White Veterinary Clinic?
Read these frequently asked questions and answers about our vet clinic and animal hospital.

We’re confident you’ll see why we’re the go-to clinic for pet owners in Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga and Nambucca Heads. Contact us today if you have any questions about our vet clinic facilities.

At Blue & White Veterinary Clinic, we stock nutritious pet food from leading brands including Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet for dogs and cats. For stock specifics, please call ahead.

Definitely. Our knowledgeable veterinarians treat pocket pets such as guinea pigs as well as cats, dogs and reptiles. Call your local clinic to book your consultation today!

Desexing your pet prevents unwanted pregnancies and can reduce the risk of developing certain types of tumours, cancers and infections. Call our experts for further information when it comes to desexing your pet.

Desexing your pet may reduce their aggression and help make them more relaxed, focused and happy. Not only that, your pet’s metabolism may slow down but weight gain can be avoided by ensuring adequate exercise and a controlled, healthy diet.

As pet owners, we’re responsible for the health and wellbeing of our dogs or cats. Vaccinations stimulate our pet’s antibodies to fight disease.

Although it’s not illegal to not vaccinate your pet, we highly recommend you do.

Some diseases aren’t just fatal to your pets but can risk infecting humans too. Help protect your pet and family against preventable diseases and infections by getting your dog or cat vaccinated.

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If you have any further questions that need answering or advice on your specific circumstances, please call our Coffs Harbour Vet Clinic on (02) 6651 2477, our Woolgoolga Vet Clinic on (02) 6654 2771 or our Nambucca Heads Clinic on (02) 5522 1030.