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Homely Healthcare Services

At Blue & White Veterinary Clinic, we’ve been providing medical care for dogs, cats, pocket pets and more since we opened our Woolgoolga clinic in 2006. Our experienced vets know how important your furry friends are, and we aim to give pets of all shapes and sizes the same care and attention as if they were our own.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of treatments, surgeries and pet care products for our cherished companions.

Our clinic is open for consultations 6 days a week and we’re also available after-hours for pet emergencies. Get in touch with our team today on (02) 6654 2771.

Our Medical Treatments

Has your dog suddenly lost weight? Is your cat missing patches of fur? Or do you think it’s time to get your four-legged friend desexed? Leave them with one of our experienced vets and we’ll do everything we can to help—general check-ups are available too! At our Woolgoolga clinic, we provide a wide range of medical treatments, including:

  • Desexing & microchipping
  • Flea & tick control
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Pet grooming
  • X-rays & ultrasounds
  • Soft tissue & orthopedic surgeries
  • Dentistry

We also have a number of specialist treatments for dogs, cats and older pets. Do you have a puppy? We can teach the little pooch how to socialise at our puppy school. Do you have a kitten? We vaccinate kittys from diseases and infections. Has your maturing pet started limping? We have arthritis management programmes available for our ageing friends.


Think it’s time to get your cat or dog desexed? We desex furry friends at our Woolgoolga clinic and we welcome them from 6 months old.

Puppy Preschool

About time for your puppy began socialising? At our Woolgoolga clinic, we teach young pooches how to behave well around others at our puppy preschool.

Senior Pets

Worried because your pal has started limping and can’t get up in the morning? We provide senior pet care and arthritis management treatments at our Woolgoolga clinic.

Animal Hospital

Is your dog injured and in need of stitches? Is your cat having difficulty chewing? At our Woolgoolga clinic, our vets are equipped for most surgical procedures.

Pet Food

Time for your four-legged friend to go on a diet? We sell a huge range of pet foods suitable for all kinds of dietary requirements at our Woolgoolga clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The safest and most effective way to prevent heartworm disease in your pet is by using a monthly medication that kills all stages of the heartworm parasite, including microfilariae and larvae.

Brushing your pet’s teeth promotes good dental health and reduces the risk of cavities. Some animals may not need to have their teeth brushed daily, just once or twice a week is fine for them.

You should start as soon as possible. Puppies can have a small bladder and need to empty it often. If they are kept inside for too long without going outside, they may develop a habit of having accidents in the house. However, there is no set time that a puppy has to go outside because every puppy is different.

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