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At Blue & White Veterinary Clinic, we’ve been providing quality pet care to animals from all walks of life in Coffs Harbour since 2001. As proud animal enthusiasts, we believe it’s our responsibility to look after pets, welcome them in as family and do everything we can to make sure they live happily and healthily.

That’s why we offer an extensive range of treatments and surgeries for our four-legged friends—we want them to live their best lives. 

Our vet clinic is proudly open 6 days a week and we also offer after-hours care for pet emergencies. Call our friendly vets today on (02) 6651 2477

Treatments & Surgeries

Is your dog scratching more than usual? Is your cat struggling to eat? Or have you noticed unexpected weight loss in your four-legged friend? No matter your concerns, our experienced vets are happy to look after your pet—even if it’s just for a general check-up! At our Coffs Harbour clinic, we provide a huge number of treatments and surgeries:

  • Desexing & microchipping
  • Flea & tick control
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Pet grooming
  • X-rays & ultrasounds
  • Soft tissue & orthopedic surgeries
  • Dentistry

We also offer a range of specialist treatments for dogs, cats and senior pets. Do you have a puppy? Enrol your latest family member at our puppy school. Do you have a kitten? Drop in and get your feline friend vaccinated against common diseases. Is your pet having difficulty standing up? We can help improve their quality of life with arthritis management treatments.


At our Coffs Harbour clinic, our vets can desex cats and dogs and help prevent unplanned pregnancies. We recommend getting your pet desexed from 6 months old.

Puppy Preschool

Enrol your new puppy at our puppy preschool in Coffs Harbour today! Your littlest friend will learn all the good stuff—sit, shake and more.

Senior Pets

At our clinic in Coffs Harbour, we offer specialised senior pet care and arthritis management treatments aimed at improving your four-legged friend’s quality of life.

Animal Hospital

Whether your pet needs dental care or has swallowed something and needs an x-ray, our vets in Coffs Harbour are equipped for simple and complex surgeries.

Pet Food

At our Coffs Harbour clinic, we stock an extensive range of pet foods and supplements suitable for most dietary requirements. Wet and dry options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diarrhea in pets is common. Diarrhea in dogs and cats ranges from being self-limiting to life-threatening. It will depend on the severity of the diarrhea, what is causing it and your pet’s general health status.

The short answer is no; cow milk should not be given to your cat. Cats actually cannot process regular dairy products very efficiently. They lack the enzyme needed to properly digest dairy products called lactase.

If your dog is not cleaning himself as much as he used to, then there may be something wrong. The signs of a sick dog can include an overall lack of energy and loss of appetite. If your pet is vomiting and has diarrhea, this may signal that he has been exposed to some type of disease.

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