How Often Should I Bring My Dog To The Vet?

  • Post published:May 20, 2021
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How often do you bring your dog to the vet? Are you constantly having your furry friend checked up? Do you settle for a once a year check-up? Or don’t you go near a vet until you absolutely have to?

As you’ll discover, this is not a question that can be answered by throwing out a number, as there are a few factors in play. In this article, we are going to break down an important question for dog owners; just how often should you take your inseparable companion to the vet?

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Does your dog suffer from ailments?

How is your dog’s general health? If it is suffering from any ailments or chronic conditions, it follows that you should attend the vet more regularly to check on your dog and ensure it had all the medication it needs and that you receive the best advice. A visit to the vet should be seen as non-negotiable, should you notice your dog develop any concerning symptoms, or if symptoms of an existing condition worsen.

How old is your dog?

This is another question that can act as a guide. If your dog is at an early or later stage of life, you should aim to visit the vet more frequently than once a year. An annual visit can be seen as a sensible frequency for healthy adult dogs. But what should an annual visit involve?

Your dog's annual health check

If your dog is a healthy adult, you may want to visit the vet once a year. This would usually involve a full physical check-up, also known as a ‘wellness exam’. It will assess that your dog’s development and growth is progressing as it should do and offer you the opportunity to discuss any concerns with, or ask any questions to, the vet. An annual check-up is an excellent form of preventative care that can help to keep your dog healthy. At these check-ups, the vet will typically check your dog’s ears, eyes, mouth and heart, as well as checking for fleas.

Why visit the vet if there is nothing wrong with my dog?

Taking preventative care steps, such as attending an annual check-up, is important for several reasons. Crucially, it will allow you to make more informed choices when considering your dog’s wellbeing. You might also find out about diseases and other illnesses earlier, and this can increase the chances of successful treatment.

What other benefits do vet visits offer?

If your dog needs to be updated with any vaccinations, these can be done quickly and conveniently during your vet visit. Following a check-up, your vet can offer you useful advice on your dog’s upkeep; from recommendations on medications and supplements to nutrition guidance and dental tips.

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