When And Why Your Puppy Should Start Preschool

Bringing home a new puppy is such an exciting time. They’re adorable and can bring so much love and joy into your household. But, it can also take a lot of work to ensure that they are trained and socialised properly so that they end up being well-rounded and well-socialised dogs.

If you’re wondering about the best way to ensure that your new puppy has the best possible start to life and learns all the vital skills it needs to learn, the answer may be puppy preschool. Not too sure what puppy preschool is or when you should be signing up for it? We can help.

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When should you enrol your puppy for preschool?

From 8 to 17 weeks old, your puppy will be undergoing a critical development stage in which training and socialisation are key. Puppy preschool is recommended at this age as it will help immensely with their socialisation, training and manners.

Why should you enrol your puppy for preschool?

Puppy preschool is one of the best things that you can do for your puppy to help them succeed now and well into the future. It is the first step in developing a well-balanced adult dog who is confident and friendly with other dogs and people. Puppy preschool helps your dog to learn essential life skills that will not only make your life much easier but will also allow your puppy to learn crucial socialisation skills that are needed for a healthy and well-rounded dog.

Puppy preschool will also supply you with the right training, tools and foundation to help support your puppy as it grows into a dog. Knowing the best ways to train and communicate with your puppy will help to strengthen your bond and communication.

What will your puppy learn?

You and your puppy will learn a variety of different skills. Including:

  • Basic manners and tricks such as sit, stay, drop, come and walking on lead
  • Preventative measures or troubleshooting of challenging behaviours such as separation anxiety, biting/teething, jumping and hyperactivity, crying at night, etc
  • Toilet training and what to do if and when your puppy has accidents inside
  • Calming and handling techniques to help your puppy and yourself remain calm
  • Essential information on how your puppy learns and the best way to reinforce good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour
  • Positive training techniques to help make training fun and rewarding for yourself and your puppy.

How long does puppy preschool last?

Generally, puppy preschool will last for 4-5 weeks, however, as every puppy learns at a different pace, this may vary by a week or two.

Is my puppy eligible for puppy preschool?

In addition to being the right age to attend puppy preschool, there are a few other criteria that also need to be met. In order to attend, your puppy must have had at least 1 of their vaccinations at least 2 weeks before the first class is held and they must also be free of flea, ticks and worms to ensure their health and the health of the other puppies in the class is safeguarded.

How do you enrol your puppy in preschool?

Enrolling in puppy preschool is easy. You can enrol in our next class simply by heading to this page to take a look at our puppy preschool and then giving us a call to book in your spot.


If you have recently brought home a new puppy and you want to give it the best start in life, get in touch with the team at Blue and White Vet today. Our puppy preschool will teach your puppy the basics it needs to become a confident and sociable puppy from the get-go.